Dubai Hair Transplant

There are 10 myths about hair transplants that you should ignore!

Hair transplantation is one of the most consistently successful and life-changing hair-loss procedures. Hair transplants now seem natural when performed with excellent experience and technique. However, there are several fallacies about hair transplants that are rarely discussed. However, these can be disregarded.
1. Results are instant.

Some people assume that after the surgery, their hair will regrow. This is a misconception, as it takes time to achieve the desired results. Hair growth is gradual, and you must be realistic and patient during the process.
2. A large proportion of grafts do not receive the blood supply they require.

Patients with severe hair loss require a large number of transplants. Some people assume that there is insufficient blood supply, which delays the growth of new hair. The scalp has ample blood flow for each strand at all times, as stated by hair treatment clinics.
3. Hair fall

Following the hair transplant, you may discover that your hair begins to fall out again, reliving the misery you want to avoid. However, this is typical and a natural component of the hair growth process. The hair will resume its natural growth cycle and become permanent.
4. Hair from another donor.

People who have gone entirely bald believe that they can borrow another person’s hair. However, the preferable option is to purchase an all-natural wig. However, it is conceivable to use another person’s hair follicles, but this will be ineffective because the body would reject something that did not originate from it.
5. Hair transplantation is an alternative for addressing hair loss.

It is a fallacy to say that a Dubai hair transplant is a possibility for everyone with hair loss. Some patients may be too young, have medical concerns, or suffer from a type of hair loss that will not respond to a hair transplant.
6. Washing your hair after treatment may impair its development.

Washing your hair does not interfere with growth or other aspects of a hair treatment. In order to prevent infection, you should keep the treated area clean.
7. Taking medicines throughout your life is necessary to avoid any risk.

The truth is that you do not need to take medications throughout your life. The transplanted hair is not susceptible to the activities of the DHT hormones, which cause hair loss. However, it is possible to lose hair on the head. This occurs when you seek treatment prematurely.
8. To reap the greatest benefits, have a hair transplant as soon as possible.

Assessing the extent of your hair loss and determining whether it requires treatment can be quite difficult. In the early stages, even Dubai hair transplant clinics would not inform you if you required hair restoration surgery. Once the hair loss has stabilized, it is better to see a doctor.
9. Surgery is painful.

Many individuals believe that hair transplants are difficult surgeries. However, once the procedure is complete, you will experience almost no pain. Furthermore, you can return to your daily life within a few days.
10. Hair Transplant Affects Brain Function

Hair restoration simply affects your scalp’s skin. It does not penetrate the skin or come into contact with any brain region. As a result, there is no risk of brain damage.

Dubai Hair Transplant